Ten 30 Day Challenges To Set Yourself Today

Ten 30 Day Challenges To Set Yourself Today


Career development


It’s no surprise that setting yourself challenges is a great way to stay motivated, inspired and improve your self development. Long term challenges are all well and good but in this day and age, where everything is in a snippet and our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, short term challenges are a great way to learn new skills or improve your day.

Here are some great 30 day challenges for you to try:

1. Get to work half hour early each day

2. Car share to and from work

3. Offer your help to a different colleague each day (workload permitting)

4. Start a 30 day employee wellness initiative

5. Do one thing every day to improve your personal brand

6. Eat healthy lunches every day

7. Cut out caffeine

8. Work distraction free, turn your personal mobile phone off while in the office

9. Try a productivity technique for 30 days

10. Write a personal blog post every day on LinkedIn