There's An App For That, But Where Will It End?




An app was recently launched that, it’s developers claim, will quit your job for you. Now, it’s highly unlikely that anyone that thinks that they can quit their job through the use of an application on their phone will be taken seriously by their employers, and the only likely outcome will be the damage caused to the career and personal brand of the person using the software.

A little bit about the ‘Quit Your Job’ app:

“Ready or not, the option is now there, following the launch of the Quit Your Job app. The app will allow people to send personalised resignation messages via text to their boss. The release of such software does, however, pose the question: Is there a limit to what developers believe an app can be used for in our professional lives, and what people will buy?

Upon launching the app, the user is prompted to “Begin the End” by choosing options for why they are quitting, what they plan to do next, and who they want to send the text message to. An elaborate text message is then sent to the intended recipient, and the user is brought to a screen that enables social sharing via Twitter and Facebook, and introduces TheLadders app to the newly unemployed job seeker.” – from HR Grapevine

Not only is the notion that you can use an application to quit your job ridiculous, but the functionality that allows the user to share the self destruction of their career online will only serve as a warning sign to future employers and recruiters alike.

What about other ludicrous app ideas that can ‘help’ us with our careers?

Here’s a list of potential apps that, judging by recent news, are probably in development right now!

  • An app that attends performance reviews for you
  • An app that fires an employee
  • An app that dissolves your business for you
  • An app that attends a business meeting for you
  • An app that calls in sick for you, based on your mood that morning
  • An app that lodges as official complaint against a colleague

Where will it end, apps really can’t do everything, no matter what the slogan claims 🙂 Can you think of any other tasks that an app could accomplish for you? Maybe you have a million dollar idea!

One app that is VERY useful is the Ciphr App for iPhone, which compliments our mobile SaaS HR solution, allowing users:

  • Access to employee information
  • Employee detail searches
  • Employee contact at the touch of a button
  • Visibility of the Who’s Off chart
  • Ability for managers, or HR team, to approve/reject absence requests instantly