The Workplace in 2014 – 5 Predictions

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It seems that every day there are new ways of doing everyday tasks, advice on the ‘new’ best way to deal with certain situations and new technologies to assist us in our working and personal lives. With all these changes taking place as such a fast pace, what will the workplace look like in 2014? Here are my 5 predictions regarding what we’ll see in 2014.

#1 Quieter offices but higher productivity

With the increase of flexible working and telecommuting, our offices will seem like quieter places. Statistics suggest that working from home, and to the hours that suit each individual, increases productivity, engagement and wellbeing. As business owners continue to realise these advantages, more and more employees will begin to set up an office at home, and they, along with the business, will benefit from this way of working.

Problems with commuting and travel during the Winter months will be reduced, as more businesses implement flexible working initiatives. This will reduce the amount of annual leave days being used by employees due to the inability to get to work. The knock-on effect of this is that more annual leave is retained for when the employee actually wants it – improving morale.

#2 Hand held tech competing with tradition

As BYOD (bring your own device) continues to gain popularity, many employees will start to use their own devices at work. Predominantly, this will be their own mobile devices, such as tablets and smart phones, as this technology is the most convenient. There will be challenges for IT to introduce new policies and procedures to manage the influx of new network connections, programs and processes used by employees. Businesses will also see the benefit of allowing employees to make use of their own devices. Training, software/hardware costs and the time required for upgrades and updates will be reduced as more of the workforce utilise their own technology.

The utilisation of employee-owned technology also allows for an easier transition between working at the office and home. This again increases productivity, as well and making it much easier for employees to continue their work from anywhere, at any time.

#3 Greener offices for a greener world

Not only do we all need to be greener for the sake of the environment, an increasing number of consumers are looking for those businesses that can demonstrate that they have a culture that encourages moral responsibility. With openness and company transparency more important than ever, showing that you genuinely care about real-world issues will put a business ahead of its competition.

Greener offices also provide a healthier and more pleasant environment for employees to work within; more plants and healthier environmental changes will be made by businesses in order to retain talent, reduce recruitment costs and improve general employee wellbeing.

#4 Social video strategies on the rise

Social media is here to stay. Companies that have already come to this realisation are, and have been, making sure that they contribute and engage with their audience on social networks. One medium that is growing in popularity when it comes to marketing is video. With apps such as Vine and Instagram offering video creation and upload, video advertising is a great way for a business to connect with consumers and put its message across, quickly and cheaply.

As well as video being used by the business itself, applicants will begin to use video resume’s/cv’s in order to make an impact during the recruitment process. Video interviews will increase in popularity in order to improve efficiency and reduce recruitment cycle timescales.

#5 The cloud continues to be the place to be

SaaS will continue to gain strength and become the ‘norm’ when purchasing new software. Advantages such as automatic upgrades, access from anywhere and collaboration are all too compelling for on-site software to remain the favoured format. Our clients are already seeing the many benefits of SaaS delivered HR software and it is firmly our primary method of delivery.
Implementation, support and maintenance are all improved when compared to an on-site software installation. This proves advantageous for both the client and the supplier.