10 June 2022

5 Compelling Reasons To Move To SaaS


Barry Chignell

Barry Chignell

Barry Chignell worked in Ciphr's marketing team from 2012-2020.


HR transformation Technology


SaaS is no longer a new, untested and unproven platform. It’s now the preferred choice of software providers and in some cases the only medium by which you can use their software. Client maintained systems are on the decrease, and for good reason. Below are just 5 of the compelling reasons that you should seriously consider a move to ‘the cloud’.

1) Hardware

 ciphr-saasSaaS providers want their systems to run on the best hardware available, as such we make sure that the hardware hosting our software is continually updated and improved, at no additional cost to the end user. A system that is always running in an optimised environment benefits both our customers in terms of user experience, and the SaaS provider in terms of performance and stability.
As a customer business grows they’re able to scale the SaaS system accordingly, rather than having to invest in additional in-house servers and/or software licences it’s as easy as adjusting the monthly SaaS subscription as required to cater for additional users, records or software.

2) Software

We upgrade our systems automatically within our SaaS environment so you’re assured of always using the most up to date software.The traditional, time and money consuming onsite upgrade is no longer required. This reduces our costs and, as such, those of our clients. This method of upgrade also complies with our green policies as travel to and from multiple client sites each day is not necessary.


3) Support

Enhanced support is achievable as our technical analysts are able to access client systems immediately, and in real time, to resolve issues. Requesting snapshot backups in order to assist customers is no longer required, saving time and the cost to our customers.
Eliminating the ‘unknowns’ and disparity with regards to client environments also serves to benefit both parties. We, the provider, can eliminate environmental causes immediately, which cannot be achieved quickly where client maintained networks are concerned as changes such as patches, upgrades and new installs are implemented daily without our knowledge (and often the knowledge of the end user reporting the issue).

One of the reasons that the Ciphr Service Desk are able to resolve 84% of calls in under 1 day is due to our ability to offer such enhanced support through the use of SaaS technology.

4) Cost


Predictable expenses, no large up-front costs, no install, upgrade, security or maintenance costs and scheduled payments that assist in long-term budgeting are all benefits of SaaS HR. Payment profiles are tailored to meet your requirements and allow services to be delivered when they are required, as opposed to when budgets permit.
Because there are no license fees, SaaS offers lower initial costs to the customer. There are also lower IT costs regarding hardware, software, and manpower as the SaaS provider manage the IT infrastructure for you.

5) Peace of mind

Any established SaaS provider will ensure that the cloud software is maintained in a secure, scalable environment by experienced system specialists. With fixed costs, no internal IT support responsibilities and free upgrades, Ciphr SaaS is totally secure and makes supporting you easier and gets you quicker results!
With the option to add full disaster recovery to any SaaS package, you can rest assured that your system, and the data stored therein, is safe and secure. Should something happen to your premises then the system can still be accessed from any location with an internet connection.

If you would like to discuss the benefits of SaaS HR from Ciphr then please get in touch on 01628 814242 or email us.