Every business should be able to trust its employees. Not doing so can mean you miss out on many benefits, below are some of the reasons why trust leads to success for both your workforce and your brand.

be proactive1) You’ll have more time to be proactive

If you place trust in your employees you’ll allow them to get on with their work without you feeling like you have to check up on them. This will allow you extra time to be getting on with proactive activities.

When employees are trusted to work independently towards a common goal it means that you can work alongside them, as opposed to overseeing their activities, effectively adding another team member.
This additional resource benefits the whole team and results in a more productive and collaborative workforce.

2) Trusted employees are more productive

If employees feel trusted then they’ll feel less compelled to ask you to check their progress, meaning fewer pauses in productivity while awaiting your approval.
Without the constraints of regular progress checks (for no other reason than a lack of trust) employees can work uninterrupted and complete projects more efficiently.

work from home3) Flexible working can’t prosper without trust

Working from home or out of hours is often a necessity in our modern working lives, allowing us to take care of other responsibilities and balance work with personal life.
This type of arrangement has been widely reported to be more efficient and productive than working in the office 9-5 everyday, improves employee satisfaction and retention and reduces costs.

Without trust from management this type of working cannot work and leads to an inflexible business with less than happy employees. To get the most form flexible working brands need to trust that their people are able to work unsupervised, wherever they are.

4) You’ll get honest feedback

If workers feel trusted and respected then they’re more likely to give honest feedback and suggest improvements.
If you trust their opinions and are seen to make decisions based on your discussions then you’ll increase engagement, improve your employer brand and benefit from the improvements recommended.

5) Trusted employees become brand advocates

Trusted employees are happy employees, happy employees become brand advocates.

Word of mouth marketing and referrals from employees are two very important benefits that your business can capitalise on if you simply trust your people and encourage them to engage with the brand.

Advocates are far less likely to look for employment elsewhere, reducing turnover and its associated costs and building experience and expertise among your workforce.

employee feedback6) Trust inspires confidence

When an employee is trusted they’ll feel more confident in what they do. Over time this confidence can be turned into the skills required to further their own career and become a leader themselves.

Confidence means that employees will take on new challenges and push themselves to learn new skills which benefit not only them, but you as their employer.